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Welcome to BEMCO in 2015

BEMCO represent the most experienced jig manufactures in the trade. For over a quarter of a century we have led the field of design and competitive manufacture of all types of jigs and jigging systems for electroplating and anodising.

Many of the ingenious wire forms in common use today were created by BEMCO, so we are complimented to be copied so often. We are entrusted to solve all kinds of jigging problems. Many famous names in a wide range of industries including aircraft, motor, electronics, engineering and domestic appliances all use BEMCO jigs as do many large and small out-platers throughout the country.


VAT Heaters
Corrosion resistant sheaths in titanium, steel, stainless and teflon/FEP available from stock in 1-18kW loadings, for over-the-side and through tank wall immersion, with or without thermostatic control. Seperate thermostats and pockets. Flanged and screwed versions available.

Jigs and Fixtures
For electroplating, anodising, paint and electroless applications. Standard designs and custom built jigs are our speciality. Quick prototypes and fast turn round refurbishing service offered including jigs and baskets for PCB’s.

Coils and Thermal Panels
Mainenance free heating and cooling of all types of process solutions, chemicals and foodstuffs. Thermal panels and coils are available in titanium, stainless steel and mild steel. Coils also in Incoloy standard sizes available from stock. Special requirements a little longer.

Anode Baskets and Cages
Titanium baskets with a variety of meshes for Nickel, Copper and Acid-zinc plating. Heavy gauge mild steel cages for Cyanide-zinc. Complete range of dipping baskets with wire mesh and perforated metals. Titanium anodising baskets made to order and refurbished.

Titanium Fasteners and Turned Parts
Wide range of UNC and metric coarse threaded bolts, screws and hexagon nuts available from stock. Other standards available on short call. Titanium anode hooks, anodising ancillaries and other turned parts made promptly to order.

PVC Coatings and Plasticol
Where practical any product mentioned can be PVC covered in our renowned “Super Beckon”. Our coating and stripping facilities are available on sub-contract basis. Collection and redelivery can be arranged if required. Other finishes available on request.

Tanks and Fabrications
Tanks, vessals, ducting, frames and pipework designed and constructed in wide range of metals and plastics. Coded welding and fabrication service available to meet clients specifications including ASME IX particularly Titanium, Stainless Incoloy.